Year 1

Welcome to Year 1. Our classes are:

Mauritius class - Miss Jenkins

Maldives class - Miss Wells

Spring Term 2

In spring term the children were presented with many different learning opportunities.  In maths, they learnt about measure and compared length/height and weight using different resources and vocabulary.  The children used scales to weigh out ingredients to make oat bars and also measured liquids using diffrent units of measurement to create their own potions.

In science, the children learnt about plants, seasons and growth.  They found out what a plant needs to grow and conducted experiments to see what happens when a seed has no light.  The discovered that without light, the seed does grow but becomes a different colour.   The children planted their own sunflower seeds and have enjoyed watching the seed grow into a seedling.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their science workshop led by FizzPop which helped them to consolidate their learning on plants.

Last half term, the children also went on a trip to the local library and were able to take out books to share at home.

Year 1 Latest News

At Belmont, we actively encourage all of our pupils to develop a love of reading.

Listed here are the core texts pupils should be encouraged to read in each year group.

Posted: Wednesday 10th October 2018, 10:32am
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