Year 1

Welcome to Year 1. Our classes are:

Mauritius class - Miss Jenkins

Maldives class - Miss Wells


Autumn Term 2

This half term, the children have been learning from the IPC unit 'Who am I?'  For their inspiration day, they learnt all about themselves and enjoyed sharing their 'all about me' bags with each other.  The children played fun games such as guess the toddler and also tried to identify their classmates by just their eyes!  It was easier than they thought it would be.

In literacy, the children have written the story 'Wild' by Emily Hughes in their own words.  The children enjoyed putting themselves in the role of the girl and thought carefully about the emotional journey the girl had been on.  The children are now experts at using alternative words for happy and sad.

In maths, the children have been practicing the names of 2D shapes (circle, square, rectangle, oval, semi-circle, hexagon, pentagon, octagon, heptagon and trapezium) and also 3D shapes such as cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere, triangular prism, pyramid and cone.  The childrne have also been practising their shapes by sorting them in different ways using their properties.  The children have learnt how to represent number in tens and ones.

In art, the children enjoyed taking part in varoius art activities and in particular, making face collages.  They put together a new face made out of people's eyes, noses, mouths and heads.

Year 1 Latest News

At Belmont, we actively encourage all of our pupils to develop a love of reading.

Listed here are the core texts pupils should be encouraged to read in each year group.

Posted: Wednesday 10th October 2018, 10:32am
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