Year 4

Our Year 4 classes are:

Croatia Class - Mrs Lyon-Lee

Hungary Class - Mrs Llinas and Mrs Handy

Spring Term 2

This half term, Year 4 have been exploring the topic 'Land, sea adn sky'.  THey have foudn out about plastic pollution and considered ways to cut down their use of plastic.  They explored the Dell to look for plants adn animals in the local environment and created classification keys to identify different animals.

In literacy they read the text 'Engelbert Sneem adn his Dream Vacuum Cleaner' and used their own inference and deduction skills to analyse the text in detail.  They used their own innovations to write down their own stories based on a similar theme and also created their own playscripts and performed them to the class.

In Maths the children learnt about fractions and decimals.  They developed their own understanding of place value to two decimal places and compared and ordered fractions and decimals.  The children also focused on rapid recall of multiplication and devision facts for their times tables.

Year 4 Latest News

At Belmont, we actively encourage all of our pupils to develop a love of reading.

Listed here are the core texts pupils should be encouraged to read in each year group.

Posted: Wednesday 10th October 2018, 10:32am
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