Our Reception classes are:

Finland Class - Mrs Collard

Denmark Class - Mrs Harry


Spring Term 2

In Reception this term they have been growing their own seeds and bulbs.  They have watched them get taller and taller and have learned about what a plant needs to grow.  The children have also planted some bulbs and plants in their outdoor garden area.

In Maths, the children have been learning about money and time and can recognise coins; adding them to find totals.  The children have also learnt how to tell the time using 'o'clock' and 'half past' vocabulary.

In literacy they have been extending their writing by writing longer sentences, stories and letters.  They have enjoyed traditional stories such as 'Jack and the Beanstalk', 'Little Red Riding Hood and the 'Gingerbread Man'.  They have also been able to story map and retell these stories.

The children have also learnt about the Chinese New Year.  They used masks and acted out the story of the animals crossing the river and having a year named after them.  They tried using chopsticks and made some Chinese dragons.




Reception Latest News

At Belmont, we actively encourage all of our pupils to develop a love of reading.

Listed here are the core texts pupils should be encouraged to read in each year group.

Posted: Wednesday 10th October 2018, 10:32am
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