Welcome to Nursery. Our class is Madagascar class.

Mrs. Journet-Exon - Class Teacher

Mrs. Richardson - Nursery Nurse

Miss Mellon- Teaching Assistant


Spring Term in Nursery

This term, the children in Nursery have focused on the IPC unit 'Animals'.  For their inspiration day, they dressed up as wild animals and created fantastic observational drawings of their favourite animals.  In literacy, the children have been working really hard to write the letters in their name.  They have enjoyed engaging in small phonics groups focusing on rhyme and alliteration.

In Maths the children have learnt to recognise numbers to 20, counting with 1:1 correspondence and 'having a go' at number formation.  They have also really enjoyed observing the frogspawn in the Nursery and watching it grow into tadpoles.  They are hoping soon to have frogs!

The children have also focused on other areas of their learning and have made cakes, pancakes and bread.  They have impressed the staff with their growing independence and ability to follow and and listen to instructions.