Belmont Captains

Young Leadership at Belmont

At Belmont, our pupils are encouraged to take on roles of responsibility throughout their time at the school. In Year 6, pupils are selected to become Captains:

  • House Captains
  • Music Captain
  • Sports Captain
  • Maths Captain


Belmont Houses

In September 2014, Belmont Parliament suggested new names for our existing Houses. They surveyed the whole school and the  pupils decided to name the four Houses after British Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

The four Houses were renamed: 


(Victoria Pendleton, track cyclist)



(Mo Farah, long distance and middle distance runner)



(Louis Smith, gymnast)



(Ellie Simmonds, swimmer) 

House Points are awarded to pupils for learning behaviours in class, exhibiting our school values and acting as role models for other pupils. Each week House Point totals are shared in assembly and a winning House is announced at the end of each term.   

Captains and Vice Captains 

Each year, teachers nominate and elect pupils who are good role models to take on these roles. Captains are selected from Year 6 and vice-captains from Year 5.

This year's Captains and Vice Captains are:

Pendleton Christine (Captain)  Jai (Vice)

Farah  Joshua (Captain)  Anabelle (Vice)

Smith Samuel (Captain)  Reese (Vice)

Simmonds Diya (Captain)  Daniel (Vice)

Sports Joshua

Music Smilte

Maths David

Autumn term report from the Captains

From September, the House Captains have been very busy. Here is a list of what they have done:

  • They organised fund raising for Children in Needs.
  • They supported with our open afternoon events showing new parents around school.
  • They count the house points each week and report the total in the weekly sharing assembly.


Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal and Children in Need

Belmont Captains proudly supported the Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal and Children in Need. The children sold poppies and poppy merchandise and Children in Need merchandise before and after school to raise money for the charity.

On Friday 10th November, they led our Remembrance Service for the whole school community. Read their presentation attached. We raised a total of £381.10.

On Friday 17th November, they collected donations for our new uniform day.  We raised £986.82.