Belmont Parliament

Democracy in Action

Belmont Parliament members are elected to represent the pupils in their class. All classes learn about the process of elections and take part in voting for their chosen representative. This is part of Belmont's commitment to promoting British Values and the children's understanding of democracy. They are involved in helping the leadership team in the school make important decisions. Their first job is to decide on their priorities for the year and to create a pledge for the school.


Members of Belmont Parliament

Year 1 - Oscar and Brooke

Year 2 - Tyler and Isabelle

Year 3 - Freya and Malia

Year 4 - Zane and Dilan

Year 5 - Emily and Holly

Year 6 - David and Amber



Mutual Respect

Members of Belmont Parliament know that their   behaviours have an effect on their own rights and those of others. The 8 Learning Goals are demonstrated by our MPs in their relationships with others and their attitude to school.


Our Pledge

Members of Belmont Parliament will work together this year to achieve the following:

  • Raise money for a chosen charity each term
  • Introduce KS2 play leaders to make our playground happier
  • Work with teachers to improve maths in the school; taking part in more tournaments and competitions
  • Improve the use of The Dell and develop our understanding of nature
  • Promote French and Spanish across the school
  • Work with adults to make sure children feel safe and ensure Belmont is a Bully-Free Zone


Our final Pledge on anti-bullying is a key part of our work this year.



Belmont Parliament Support BBC Children in Need - November 2018

This year, Belmont Parliament raised £792.63 for BBC Children in Need. This was through the following:

Selling Pudsey Bear ears and wrist bands

Holding a spotty non-uniform day

Holding a Talent Contest



We held auditons for our talent show and the winners from each year group progressed to the finals. The winners were:

Sophia and Darcy (Reception)

Allahme (Year 5)

The competiton was judged by teachers selected by Belmont Parliament.


Children paid £1.00 to wear non-uniform.

We sold 3 boxes of Pudsey ears and 2 boxes of wrist bands.


Thank you to everyone who donated money and took part.

Lenny and Madison