Belmont Parliament

Democracy in Action

Belmont Parliament members are elected to represent the pupils in their class. They are involved in helping the leadership team in the school make important decisions.


Members of Belmont Parliament

Year 1 - Sophie and Amy

Year 2 - Archie and Jake

Year 3 - Rae and Imogen

Year 4 - Christine and Holly

Year 5 - Gus and Georgia

Year 6 - James and Sachin


Inclusion sub-group

Daniel, Ferguson, Rosie,

Darcy, Govind and Jack

Mutual Respect

Members of Belmont Parliament know that their   behaviours have an effect on their own rights and those of others. The 8 Learning Goals are     demonstrated by our MPs in their relationships with others and their attitude to school.


Our Pledge

Members of Belmont Parliament will work together this year to achieve the following:

  • Raise money for a chosen charity each term
  • Work with adults to help improve behaviour in school
  • Encourage children to improve their attendance
  • Work with teachers to make maths lessons more interesting and help children learn better
  • Help children make better choices so packed lunches become healthier
  • Promote French and Spanish across the school


"We enjoy being in Belmont Parliament because it has given us an opportunity to work within our school and to try and improve some things. Also, it is a fun thing to do as we have special responsibilities such as sorting out the Christmas cards, handing out letters to classes and arranging special charity events. One of the things we like most is when we attend meetings".

Sachin and James, Year 6.