Our Learning Environment

At Belmont, we value the importance the learning environment plays in helping children to become independent learners.

Display plays a vital role in reflecting our values and the learning that takes place in our school. As such, the quality of displays is significant in reflecting and sustaining our shared expectations. The learning environment should give a clear message to pupils and visitors about the things we value most about learning and demonstrate the approaches we take to delivering a broad and balanced curriculum.

The purpose of display

• To provide scaffolds and prompts which help pupils link their learning and develop independence

• To communicate the school’s high expectations for learning

• To publish pupils’ work thus giving it a purpose

• To celebrate learning and achievement

• To demonstrate standards of work which inspire other learners

• To reward effort Different types of displays


There are 3 types of displays that can be found in the learning environment.

1. Displays to scaffold learning

2. Displays to reflect the learning process across a unit of work or subject area

3. Displays to celebrate success