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Our Year 3 classes are:

  • Hepworth Class - Mr. McGregor
  • McQueen Class - Mrs Lyon-Lee 

 A learning overview will be shared following the full reopening of school.

Our autumn term 1 topic is 'Forces and Magnets'.  To view the knowledge organiser for this term click here.

Our autumn term 2 topic is 'The Stone Age and Iron Age'.  To view the knowledge organiser for half this term click here.

Our spring term 1 topic is 'Light'.  To view the knowledge organiser for this half term click here.

Our spring term 2 topic is 'The Water Cycle'.  To view the knowledge organiser for this half term click here

Our summer term 1 topic is 'The History of Belmont'.  To view the knowledge organiser for this half term click here. 

Learning Update:

Mr McGregor and Mrs Lyon-Lee have provided the following learning update:

It has been a busy and productive start to the Summer Term for Year 3.

In English, we have been reading ‘Bill’s New Frock’ by Anne Fine. Year 3, have written some engaging diary entries about Bill’s mishaps in the playground and have focussed on using inverted commas with increasing accuracy whilst writing this. Year 3 have then gone on to write a narrative about their own character experiencing stereotypes at school.

In Maths, we have been looking at fractions and have learned how to make a fraction out of a set amount using objects. Year 3 have also used fraction walls to explore the concept of one whole and equivalent fractions.

In Topic, we have been learning about the History of Belmont using the first Head teacher of Belmont’s logbook as inspiration for this. We have also looked at maps of Kent and researched the county using Google Chromebooks in class.


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