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Our affiliations with All Stars and Erith Town FC continue to strengthen and members of our Year 6 boys' and girls' football teams were invited to Erith Town's ground to watch them play against Canterbury on Saturday 1st February.

Members of our football team had a great time supporting the Dockers in their home match against Canterbury on Saturday.  The children were invited to be ball girls' and boys' for the match meeting many of the players and coming away with a signed programme as a souvenir and reminder of the day.  

This is what they had to say about their experience:

“When we arrived, we were given a tour around the stadium. Then, the coach explained to us where we had to stand as ball boys and girls. After the match had finished, we had a penalty shoot-out on the pitch – it was a lot of fun.” Ellie 

“Going to Erith Town was a brilliant experience. The day – for me – was amazing. But, sadly for the players, it wasn’t because they lost 3-2!” Joshua

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