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After such a challenging year for all pupils and in readiness for our Year 6 leaving at the end of the school year, we were incredibly pleased to have been able to offer this to the pupils.  A fun day was had by all.  Click here for more information and photographs.

Our staff and children took part in Number Day for the NSPCC and raised £82.16! Thank you to all who contributed. The money raised will help to change childhoods across the UK. Click to see our certificate and some more information about the NSPCC and what your money will go towards...

The children had great fun breaking the rules today!  A massive thank you to our PTA, parents/carers and children for raising an amazing £838!


We are absolutely thrilled and delighted for our Year 6 pupil Luke Tamsett who won the Primary School category of the Mind Travels Creative Writing competition.  Click below to read Luke's entry.

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