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As part of our new topic in Reception 'Around the world', our Reception classes took a trip to Pizza Express in Bexleyheath.  The children made their own pizzas from kneading the dough and putting all the toppings on! Such a fantastic trip and the best was free! We have some very happy children going home today with their pizzas!

It has been an exciting morning for our Nursery children today. They have had a visit from a paramedic who has told them lots of things about her job, has shown them how to put bandages on and they have even been allowed to try on some of the equipment!

For all latest news and information about Children's University please go to School Information > Children's University.

The library bus has now successfully been moved to its final location!

Final renovations can now take place which includes linking electricity for light and heat and then it will be ready. A decking area with a ramp is also going to be installed and we look forward to updating you in the next couple of weeks with the finishing touches!

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