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Pupil Voice

Democracy in Action

Belmont Parliament members are elected to represent the pupils in their class. All classes learn about the process of elections and take part in voting for their chosen representative. This is part of Belmont's commitment to promoting British Values and the children's understanding of democracy. They are involved in helping the leadership team in the school make important decisions. Their first job is to decide on their priorities for the year and to create a pledge for the school.

At Belmont, we believe you can never stop getting better. Our aim is to continue to improve outcomes in Maths for all of our pupils and to foster a love of number and problem solving. Our Calculation Policy is updated annually and is available on our website here.

What is bullying?

Bullying is an act of aggression, causing embarrassment, pain or discomfort to someone. It can be a physical act or emotional in nature, such as verbal abuse, making gestures, and exclusion. It is an abuse of power. It can be planned and organised, or it may unintentional. It may be perpetrated by individuals or by groups of pupils.

Young Leadership at Belmont

At Belmont, our pupils are encouraged to take on roles of responsibility throughout their time at the school. In Year 6, pupils are selected to become Captains:

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