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Belmont Academy VI Resource Provision

Our aim is to support children to become independent learners.


Belmont Academy has supported children with a vision impairment for 11 years. We offer a specialist resourced provision for pupils with a visual impairment. In this specialist team, we have qualified teachers of the visually impaired (QTVI), a Habilitation Specialist, a curriculum resource assistant and vision impaired specialist support assistants. All programmes and equipment are provided to suit each pupil’s specific needs in all areas of the curriculum in Braille or modified print.

Pupils with a visual impairment work alongside their peers in the mainstream classroom. The children also have an additional curriculum to ensure they have the opportunity and time to develop skills to become an independent learner and maintain good self-esteem as a vision-impaired person. This additional curriculum includes pre-braille, braille, specialist technology, Independent Living Skills, Social Skills and orientation and mobility.

We recently commissioned an audit of our Visual Impairment provision to ensure that we are providing the highes quality offer to our VI pupils.  Please see a copy of the final report below.

VI Audit - December 2021

Please contact us for more information.

Other useful information and resources can be found here, including:

Helpful Hints & Tips for Assisting People with Visual Impairments

Guiding People with Visual Impairments

Crack the Code - Beginning to Understand Braille

The Cane - Explained


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VI Useful Resources

Grants and Funds

Family fund - Grants for families who are disabled or seriously ill

Victa- Grants and activities for children who have a visual impairment

Things to do

Blind Children UK - A national organisation providing activities and books and advice

Vocaleyes - Experience art and culture through audio description. Bringing art and culture to life for blind and visually impaired people at theatres, museums, galleries, heritage sites and online

British blind sports - Helping blind and partially sighted people to get active and play sport. We encourage adults and children to participate in activities at all levels, from grassroots to the Paralympic Games. - Bikeworks we believe that cycling should be accessible and possible for everyone to enjoy.

Things to read

RNIB Bookshare - Growing library of school textbooks - students can access a personalised collection of books and become members within their school

Accessible library- Growing library of fiction and school textbooks - students and families join in their own right

Calibre- Audio books to download or have delivered on a memory stick, for a one-off fee

RNIB- Services and shop for people who have a visual impairment. Free access to libraries of books in Braille, giant print and audio on their website

Living Paintings- Living Paintings is a charity that produces Touch to See books for blind and partially sighted people of all ages

Other Helpful links

RNIB 0303 123 9999 - Helpline for people who have a visual impairment.  Services benefits and equipment

Bemyeyes- A phone app which connects visually impaired and blind people with sighted people who can help them to see

Seeing AI – is a free app that narrates the world around you. Designed for the blind and low vision community to open up the visual world and describe nearby people, text and objects.

The Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC) offers a range of services including emotional support and practical advice for families, opportunities for children and young people to build confidence.



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